Mother Africa is in crisis. Poachers have decimated its once-formidable herds of elephants, lions and rhinos. Rainforests are being burnt into charcoal. Coral reefs have been blasted by dynamite. Turtles have been choked by plastic.

The basic building block of civilization and a healthy world — biodiversity — is under existential threat. In a continent desperate to grow out of poverty, development trumps conservation, even as it decimates irreplaceable natural treasures.
Now nature’s voice is reaching millions of Kenyans on prime time TV, thanks to the young filmmakers we’ve trained and funded. Working with the faculty of the AKU GSMC, they’ve produced award winning documentaries on the region’s most critical environmental crises. In November we’ll be back with another round of Giving Nature a Voice – the weekly NTV show produced by African filmmakers, with an urgent message for the world.