Kenya’s coastline is teeming with marine and terrestrial life, but it’s increasingly chocked by plastic debris.

Flip flops, plastic bottles, and nets clutter the white sand beaches , entangling and killing marine life. In Watamu, local clean up crews collect the plastic and sort it for re-use.

In Malindi, Lilian and Sam Ngaruiya’s recycling plant, turns the waste into sidewalks, street signs and even beams for an experimental dhow under construction in Lamu.

Plastics are Forever, The first show of our second season on NTV, looks at efforts to unclog Kenya’s coastline.

Volunteers try to save turtles ensnared by torn fishing nets and plastic waste. Kenya just banned the ubiquitous plastic shopping bag, but environmentalists say a national recycling plan is lacking and public attitudes will have to change.

Photos by Andrew Tkach.