It is the world’s longest lake and the second deepest, holding 18 % of the world’s fresh water. 250 species of the brightly collared chichlid fish, the favorite of the world’s aquariums, can only be found here. Millions of people in four African countries directly depend on the sardines and perch once abundant in the lake. Yet little has been done to protect this unique resource.

Industrial waste, raw sewage, overfishing, and climate change all threaten the lake.

In a series of 4 half hour television reports, Burundian TV REMA reporter Aimee Nshimirimana, takes a comprehensive look at the problems facing one of Africa’s Great Lakes and talks to the local environmentalists trying to save Lake Tanganyika for future generations.

Website by Appropriate. Photos by Aimee’ Nshimirimana, Gilbert Niyongere, Antoine Ninanahazwe