With their hunched posture and baldheads, vultures are birds we all associate with death.

The truth is that these unsung heroes give life to Africa, not take it away. In Kenya, vultures act as the cleanup crew. Without them diseases would spread, and the park would smell like a slaughterhouse.

Today African Vultures are disappearing at an alarming rate. In just 30 years, seven African vulture species have fallen by 80-97%, four are listed as “critically endangered”.

Pastoralists angered by attacks on their cattle often lace the carcass with poison in the hope of getting rid of ‘problem animals’ like jackals, cheetahs and lions. But vultures are the ones that end up paying the price as 60% of their deaths are due to poisoning.

Website by Appropriate. Photos by Brindley, Verani, Thomsett and Friends of Maasai Mara.