When the fishermen of Ras Fumba on Zanzibar Island, discovered their catch was rapidly decreasing twenty years ago, they decided to take action.

Outsiders were ruining the local marine environment by overfishing and destructive fishing techniques so local residents asked the government to intervene. With the backing of NGOs, the Fisheries Department set up the 180 Square mile Menai Bay Conservation Area.

People now come from all the world to learn how Zanzibar conserved its marine resources by involving local communities. 200 humpback & bottlenose dolphins have returned to shorelines where they were once hunted for food, and the marine environment has largely recovered.

Despite this remarkable achievement, the villagers of Ras Fumba have to keep up their patrols to stop those employing highly destructive means of fishing, including dynamite and poison.

Website by Appropriate. Photos by Richard Magumba.