Giving a voice to the truly voiceless — the world’s largest population of mega-flora and fauna and the people living among them — is our mission at the Aga Khan University Environmental Reporting Program.

Here in East Africa, as elsewhere, environmental reporting is generally sporadic and superficial, devoid of nuance and scientific context. Even the better-resourced media groups rarely feature environmental reporting that is illuminating, intelligent and impactful.

Working with media houses and independent filmmakers, the distinguished faculty of the Graduate School of Media and Communication will train local journalists to research and produce compelling in-depth reports on Africa’s most urgent environmental crises. Without information and context the local population cannot understand how ecological destruction will degrade their own lives. Only local voices can create the popular groundswell that will goad lawmakers to act, before it’s too late.

Our Team


Michael Meyer is founding dean of the AKU Graduate School of Media and Communications. He came to Nairobi from the United Nations, where he served for five years as the communications director and chief speechwriter for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.


Andrew Tkach has over 25 years of experience producing documentaries and TV magazine reports, often showing how environmental issues affect local communities. He has won 8 News and Documentary Emmys including one for a 60 Minutes program called the “Garden of Eden,” documenting the effort to save Gabon’s lowland gorillas.

Stephen Buckley has been in and around journalism as a reporter, editor, and teacher for more than 25 years. He began his career with The Washington Post, where he spent 12 years as a local reporter and foreign correspondent, based in Nairobi and Rio de Janeiro.

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