With less than half of its population in protected areas, the Grevy’s zebra has recorded the sharpest decline in numbers of any African mammal in recent decades – from 15,000 in the 1970s to just 2,350 today. Facing increasing threats and extinction, what will save this majestic zebra? This film follows the bravery of local individuals who have taken it upon themselves, as community scouts, warriors and ambassadors working to address specific threats and shift community attitudes.

In the vast arid rangelands of northern Kenya lives one of the country’s wildlife treasures: the Grevy’s zebra. Local communities have co-existed with Grevy’s zebra for decades, but now the species is endangered. In just four decades, the Grevy’s zebra population has declined over 80%. After Kenya experienced once of its worst droughts ever in 2017, the Grevy’s zebra is facing an even more uncertain future. Saving the species is not just a matter of heritage for the Samburu, Turkana and other local communities – the future of the local people literally depends on it.

Photo Credits: Amenya Omwoyo and Maurice Murage